Thank you for the additional details and clarification! I knew I would get into trouble with that one. I was having difficulty threading the rhetorical needle of finding a concrete example of the thing I was talking about but also not being mean to strangers (somebody should probably assemble a “hall of shame” for COVID-19 charts after this is all over, but I certainly don’t feel like I have the authority to do it). You met the unfortunate criteria of having an example of a neat visualization and also having a clear written record that you had given this thing some deep thought (so I could mention both the deep thoughts and the neat visualization in the same breath to make it clear I wasn’t picking on you or calling you out). In fact I think you’re one of the earliest examples I’ve come across of someone telling people to pump the breaks; you were telling people not to make big red flashing case count maps more than a month ago! I’m happy to massage the language to make things less antagonistic if you’d like.

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Information Visualization, Data Ethics, Graphical Perception.

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